I’m excited to announce that I’m launching my first book near the middle of September. It’s nailbiting but I’m eager to do it because I’ve been polishing it for quite a while now.

Right now I’m still setting up my fan page which is SO much fun. Did you hear the sarcasm dripping in that last sentence? One thing that was awesome was that I had a “legit” reason to boot my family from my friends list. Not that I don’t love my family, but you know how it goes. Admit it, you’re just jealous I got to say good riddance while you’re still dealing with your cousin’s drama. lol

Anyway, feel free to poke around. I’ll add more content to the website as it gets closer to launch time but until then, be sure to find my fan page on Facebook. (Hint: Show me some love, you won’t regret it)

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